Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The First Installment

Well, I was hoping to post something last night after getting back to the hotel room, but I couldn't get the internet to work. On the positive side, I was able to offer a cold piece of pizza to Tim Challies in the elevator. He rejected my offer, but I haven't lost heart.

Around lunchtime yesterday, a group called the Band of Bloggers met to discuss various issues related to blogging. The main feature of the gathering was a panel featuring Abraham Piper, Thabiti Anabwile, Phil Johnson, and Tim Challies. I felt like the discussion was profitable, and we all received some free books. Not a bad deal.

Here is the mini-ballad I wrote for the event. Actually, it's just one stanza. It feels better to call it a mini-ballad, though:

The Band of Bloggers met for lunch and chatted 'bout the craft,
A moderated panel quipped about the perfect draft;
Four men (Thabiti, Challies, Phil, and DG's Abraham)
Arrested our attention for a sixty-minute span.

If anyone is feeling adventuresome and would like to put this verse to music, I would love to hear it.

Off to the conference.

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